“Superfine” 2nd Fine Pad

MATERIAL – Silicon Carbide | THICKNESS – 0.26MM | SIZES – All Sizes |
SHAPES – P Q T | RECOMMENDED PRESSURES – 15lbs – 18lbs (Loh 0.25/0.35
bar) | RECOMMENDED RUNNING TIME – 1.½ – 2 minutes | SLURRY – plain
water filtered via a propriety filter system or direct to waste



A more aggressive addition to our family of 2nd fine pads. This new pad follows the same rigid particle selection process but at a higher level, thus increasing stock removal rates without loss of surface quality. Consistent results ensure complete suitability on the full range of CR39 and Hi-Index lens materials. The specially formulated backing allows excellent conformity to the tool and the high grip adhesive ensures no movement when placed directly over the 1st fine pad