Cerium Red 1 Step

MATERIAL – Silicon Carbide | THICKNESS – 0.27MM, 0.47mm compensated |
SIZES – All Sizes | SHAPES – P Q T | RECOMMENDED PRESSURES – 15lbs – 18lbs
(Loh 0.25/0.35 bar) | RECOMMENDED RUNNING TIME – 1.5 – 2.5 minutes |
SLURRY – Plain water filtered via a propriety filter system or direct to waste



The Cerium Red 1 Step is an evolutionary pad for the one step fining of all CR39 and Hi-Index materials.
The unique design and specification of the aluminium oxide particles ensures a high consistent stock removal rate throughout the curve range and in all conditions while maintaining an excellent surface quality. The fined surface is easily polished in a normal cycle time when used with Cerium’s high speed polishing pads. Available with the special Cerium compensated backing which is the thickness of a 1st and 2nd fine pad combined, or as a non-compensated version. Both peel cleanly from the tool.