Freedom Plus: Freeform Polishing Heads

On Freedom Plus, the polishing pad is simply peeled off and replaced as necessary.

Benefits of Freedom tools over standard tooling

  • Unique design of the foam base allows for a larger polishing pad to increase the total polishing area.
  • New style thicker and more flexible polishing pad increases durability, removing tearing and extending life of the tool.
  • New foam base gives greater level of flexibility and provides full contact with lens surface with less pressure, creating the best possible true to curve high quality freeform finish.
  • One step polishing cycle for all current organic lenses CR39, Hi-Index, Trivex or Polycarbonate – without the need for a second stage flock polishing pad.
  • New tapered base edge helps to prevent robot arm sticking during transfer from tool post to polishing post.
  • Top surface holes help increase polish flow for a higher quality of lens finish.
  • Increased productivity and cost saving due to the longer life of the Freedom tool and its
  • Easily replaceable long life polishing pads, enabling the base of the tool to be used a number of times.
  • Removable top surface allows pads to be easily replaced.
  • Cost savings on shipping and storage space over all other freeform polishing heads.
  • More environmentally friendly due to less tool waste.
  • Available in 3 colour coded bases of 075, 150 and 600.