Ceri-Guard Linerless Tape

All CERI-GUARD linerless tapes are a full 70 metres long by 100mm wide and are compatible with existing applicators. Available in blue, green and clear.


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MSDS Ceriguard Lens Protection Tape


The Ceriguard Linerless range is now a well established product in the lens protection tape market.

It is suitable for use on CR39, Transitions, Mid and Hi-Index, Polycarbonate, Trivex, hard coated or uncoated and glass lenses marking this product out as a truly universal performer.

What really makes Ceriguard Linerless unique is the fact that it is the most environmentally friendly and cost effective product of its kind in use today.

At 70 metres, Ceriguard Linerless tape is twice the length, while still maintaining the same diameter as a standard 35 metre roll. This double length is achieved by supplying the tape without the paper liner that is found on all other lens protection tapes and without any loss of performance.

This linerless feature means less shipping and delivery costs as, in effect, labs will require half the amount of rolls each month.

There is also the additional benefit of having no paper liner to dispose of once you have used the product, thereby reducing your waste and impact on the environment.

A further advantage in busy labs is that the double length roll means increased productivity, due to less down time through re-loading the tape.

Ceriguard Linerless is the clear choice for your lens protection needs and is suitable for use with all manual and automatic tape applicators.

Available in Blue, Green and Clear standard length of 70 metres but longer rolls can be supplied to order.