Ceri-Guard Pre-Cal

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Pre-Cal shares all the same benefits as our trusted Ceri-Guard brand of lens protections tapes but with one major difference: Enhanced ease of removal from knife edge lenses. Pre-Cal is a truly innovative, highly practical addition to Cerium’s range of lens protector tape range featuring our patented non-adhesive strip designed for easy removal after deblocking. No more struggles to prise tape and lens apart! Easy, clean lens protection tape removal not only reduces hassle and speeds up lab processes but reduces opportunities for lens damage and wastage.

Pre-Cal benefits over tradition lens protection tapes:

  • Offers full protection: fitting tightly to the lens front surface providing protection and a bond between the lens and the generator block.
  • Very easy to remove via the non-adhesive integral strip.
  • Cerium patented non-adhesive technology within the tape saves time and allows for finger tab on any lens between 46 and 66mm in diameter.
  • Reduces rejects and waste for Increased productivity.
  • Time-savings on tape removal help reduce lab costs.
  • Available as Blue or Green tape.
  • Sizes: 35 metres and 108 yards, other sizes can be made to order.