CERI-GUARD 1000 Lens Saver Tape

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CERI-GUARD 1000 Lens Saver Tape has all the benefits of the CERI-GUARD range of tapes with the added benefit that it is very easy to de-block after use, yet it holds securely throughout the surfacing process.

Like all CERI-GUARD tapes, CERI-GUARD 1000 conforms to the lens surface to provide wrinkle free protection. It has a light, transparent blue colour to permit easy layout and surface inspection.

Because of the uniform thickness and excellent thermal properties, CERI-GUARD 1000 tape protects lenses from blocking alloy heat. Used correctly it de-blocks very easily, peels cleanly and leaves no glue residue on the surface of the lens.

CERI-GUARD 1000 is designed to be used with wax and 47 degrees C (117 degrees F) alloy.

Available in blue 35 metre long by 100mm wide paper backed rolls only.