“Superfine” Black 1st Fine Pad

MATERIAL – Silicon Carbide | THICKNESS – 0.27MM | SIZES – All Sizes |
SHAPES – P Q T | RECOMMENDED PRESSURES – 15lbs – 18lbs (Loh 0.25/0.35 bar)
| RECOMMENDED RUNNING TIME – ½ minute | SLURRY – plain water filtered via a
propriety filter system or direct to waste



A unique 1st fine pad, giving consistent and high stock removal rates throughout the fining cycle, yet achieving an excellent surface finish for the 2nd fine stage.
The unique design of the abrasive particles specifies finer grains, which will continue to be effective to the end of the cycle, whilst giving a superior finish to the standard 1st fine pads. The flexible backing ensures excellent conformity to the tool and the adhesive has been specifically designed to give superb adhesion during the cycle, followed by an easy and clean removal.