Oleo-Hydro Lens Edging Pads

Using a new purpose designed advanced adhesive to ensure the best possible bond when applied to the latest generation of advanced Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coatings, Oleo/Hydro Grip helps to reduce wastage and save money by avoiding axis slippage on expensive coated lenses, due to it high torque bond that is achieved between the pad and lens surface.

It is simple and easy to cleanly remove from the lenses and blocks as each side of the pads has been coated with the best available adhesive for each of these sides.

  • Reduced wastage and increased cost savings by avoiding axis slippage.
  • High torque bond maintained between pad and lens surface
  • Easy to remove. • Unique adhesive coatings for each side of the pad.

Available Sizes

34mm x 17mm
33mm x 20mm
30mm x 20mm



The Oleo-Hydro lens edging range is available in rolls of 1000 pads, other shapes and roll sizes available to order.