Polar-Lite Plastic Lens Polish

Polar-Lite has been designed for use on all organic lens materials available in today’s diverse market.
It is suitable for use in all freeform equipment and traditional polishing lines and is well suited for the customer who is looking for a high quality finish at a reasonable price.
The lower level of viscosity allows for an increased flow rate. This is especially good when used on deep minus curved lenses.
It also has the following characteristics: excellent suspension, easy mixing and clean up, long lasting, soft settle after resting and a superb surface finish.


Technical data

APPEARANCE – White Slurry / AVERAGE PARTICLE SIZE – 1.3 microns / PH – 3.6 / BAUME – 20-21 / SUSPENSION TREATED – Yes /
POLISH PAD COMPATIBILTY – All major brands of polishing pads but particularly suited to Cerium’s White and Performa Polishing pads