How to get assessed

Cerium Coloured Overlays are now being used with great success in many schools and colleges as well as in Optometry practices and hospital eye departments. It is however extremely important that a full eye examination is carried out before or during the colour process.

This is recommended to be carried out by a specialised Optometrist, Orthoptist or Dispensing Optician (see Specialists to find your nearest practitioner) who will have the training, expertise and equipment to deal with patients suffering with Visual Stress.

Visual Stress is not an ocular defect; however the symptoms which have been talked about on this site which are indicative of “Visual Stress” can also be the product of certain ocular anomalies such as refraction problems or the inability of the eyes to work as a team. These anomalies can often be rectified by prescribing refraction spectacles or exercises. It is very important that these ocular problems are ruled out or treated before proceeding with a Colorimeter examination.

Cerium focuses on the problem and comes up with tangible solutions.
ISO 9002: 1994 Certificate No: FM 33565