Cerium Optical product machinery range

Cerium are proud to bring a comprehensive range of optical equipment to the market that addresses the needs of all customers, from large wholesale labs producing volume lenses to the small optician’s workshop.  

The Alphamatic Range Total Rimless Solution:
This is made up of the ALFC280 for the smaller lab looking to invest in true CNC cutting technology, up to the ALFC380 for the bigger lab looking to increase their production without diluting quality. And the LVS160 camera that offers an easy-to-use interface for the simple inputting of new data.  

The Thermaguard Range of Filters/Chilling Units:  
From the Mini System to the MK4 Cold Filter, Cerium cover an entire lab’s requirements for the chilling and filtering of polish and re-circulated water, regardless of the size of customer operation.  

Cerium focuses on the problem and comes up with tangible solutions.
ISO 9002: 1994 Certificate No: FM 33565