Colorimetry Seminar coming to Birmingham Spring 2014
Aston University on 14th March 2014

Colorimetry in Clinical Optometry and Education

The International Institute of Colorimetry will jointly host a 1 day seminar with The Institute of Optometry. This is following the well-received event held at the IOO’s south London venue, June 2013. Following significant demand for further such events we are delighted to announce a similar format to be held at Birmingham;

Aston University on 14th March 2014

  • Presentations will include information on the use of Precision Tinted Lenses in reading problems; an up-date on research where precision tinted lenses are used successfully in medical conditions such as photosensitive migraine, autism and stoke patients; and the practical and commercial aspects of integrating specific learning difficulties into everyday community optometry practice.
  • Workshops demonstrating the application of overlays in the classroom and using the Intuitive Colorimeter for vision practitioners, will take place in the afternoon.
  • Speakers will include Professor Arnold Wilkins, the University of Essex; Professor Bruce Evans, City University and the Institute of Optometry; Dr Ian Beasley, Aston University and Ian Abbott, Wiltshire Council.
  • Up to 6 CET points available.
  • Lunch and refreshments provided.

The conference welcomes members of the vision and education professions, medical practitioners and others whose work brings them into contact with the subjects under discussion.

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