Mido 2011 Milan 4th-6th March
Cerium are attending this year Mido and look forward to inviting many new and old friend's to join us on our stand Pav: 9 D07 E10

Cerium Optical Products will be attending this year’s MIDO to showcase its range of equipment, products and services for both laboratories and optical retailers, developed at its HQ in Tenterden, KentEngland.

Cerium’s range extends from its Alphamatic rimless drill, Thermaguard Mark 4 Cold Filter system and it extensive range of lens production consumables including it Shades dyes, now in user-friendly, environment-friendly, space and cost-saving Ecobag presentation: just open the colorful outer and drop the soluble inner bag whole into the dye bath.

Cerium now also offers a Hi-Index Shades dye collection specially formulated to give reliable, high-quality results on substrates up to 1.67 index. Their plastic lens polish choices were recently augmented by their own free-form friendly, all-substrates DigiPol 3RX, found in real-life tests to give exceptional results in polycarbonate too.

Also on offer will be the latest in new polishing pad technology the "Rose" this product is without a doubt the best product of its kind on the market today.

Please stop by and view our exciting range of products and discuss you own needs with one of our technical sales team which will consist of Mr. Rob Krug, Mr. John Hermans, Paul Gibbons and Paul Greenfield.

Cerium focuses on the problem and comes up with tangible solutions.
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