Secure your future - secure the planet
Shades Secure - the new range of environmentally friendly lens tints that leaves other colours in the dark.

Cerium’s new technology puts safety first and offers a brighter future for you and your customers… as well as the planet.

Check out the exclusive features:

  • Readily Biogradable
  • Non toxic*
  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Readily disposable within local Authority Environmental limits
  • Non Hazardous*
  • Brighter, more vivid colour palette
  • Lower fade properties
  • Cleaner to use
  • New environmentally friendly formulation

Check out your current suppliers: can they offer you an environmentally friendly product with the same level of safety as SHADES SECURE?

* Complies with COSHH Regulations

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Shades Secure is available immediately from your local Cerium office.

 Shades Secure (2 MB)

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ISO 9002: 1994 Certificate No: FM 33565